Many years ago a friend gave me a small booklet, printed very simply and stapled together, that described, in 20 pages, the pathway to a life of one's choosing.
I realized that the process outlined in the book had worked in my own life and after reading many other books that covered the same basic concepts, I realized how profound this little book was.


Eve Weir outlines in a simple, straight forward way, how our thought process determines our life's direction, whether we realize it or not, and then provides a process of changing our lives by changing the way we think.

This book is no longer in print but, after several years of searching, I was able to locate Eve's family and they kindly provided a book and permission to share it here with you. With tremendous gratitude to Bunkie & Ed, Rick and Su, here is Eve Weir's "Pocket Book of Change", presented word for word and as closely as possible to the original typography and layout.


by Eve Weir